Carol Kidd - I'm Glad We Met - Jazz Express

02 May 1991
Jazz Express

Somone once described heaven as relaxing in a warm bath with a glass of malt whisky, listening to the flugelhorn. Personally I would substitute the last of these three ingredients for a Carol Kidd album.

There is more variety in this release than in her last one, The Night We Called It A Day; variety in the choice of material, in the arrangements, and more significantly, in that a half of the 12 numbers, she is accompanied by a large string section. Her trio is there too, and in David Newton (piano), Dave Green (bass), and Alan Ganley (drums), it is hard to imagine a better, more sympathetic line-up. Messrs Green and Ganley for example, swing superbly on a vocal/bass/drums version of Please Don't Talk About me When I'm Gone. David Newton's thoughtful piano playing enhances every track.

And what of the vocalist? Well her phrasing, diction and delivery are impeccable. She is at her best on the ballads and her rendition of the Johnny Mardel tune I Wish I'd Met You is a masterpiece. And you can add to that a Peggy Lee-ish interpretation of Lean Baby and a soulful Georgia On My Mind with an orchestration drawing heavily on the Ray Charles version.

If labels have to be stuck on such releases, then this can hardly be classed as a jazz recording. It leans far more to middle-of-the-road popular music. However quality will out, whatever the tag. You'll be glad to get I'm Glad We Met

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