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Carol Kidd - The Very Best of Carol Kidd - Music Web

30 April 2005
Music Web
Don Mather

Carol Kidd is one of the finest female vocalists I have ever heard, of those who are still living, she may well be the best. She has perfect relative pitch, perfect diction and the ability to tell a story with every song she sings. She also has a natural ability to swing and to sound good in any setting. It is amazing that such a fine singer is so undervalued in the UK, when did you last see her on television or hear her records on BBC radio?

This compilation by LINN records from their earlier releases is a delight, from the lists above it is easy to see that this is a first class selection of songs. Her artistry is exemplified by the fact that I enjoyed the songs that were unknown to me as much as the familiar ones at a first hearing. It normally takes a couple of hearings for me to get into a new song, but not when the singer is Carol Kidd. This album is pure quality all the way, since I received it, it has been constantly on my CD player.

It is most unusual to find an album where every track is superb, it rarely happens to me anyway, but this one is the exception. Not only are all the vocals of equal quality, but the various backings are equally good through out. Having heard Carol live on a few occasions, I can tell you that like Ella & Sarah before her, her performance before a live audience is even better. How about a Carol Kidd Live Album LINN records!

Some records I ponder whether I should recommend to purchasers, this one is definitely a BUY.

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