Celtic Experience Vol. 3 - Folk On

01 June 1999
Folk On

If you have collected the first two in this series, you are hooked! You need to be a fan of 'arranged' and orchestral folk music to have got this far, but the basis of the instrumentation is the marvellous talent of William Jackson, so there's a solid foundation in what we are used to in folk performance...The Celtic tradition has such a wealth, breadth and depth of melodic fascination that ther's almost a never-ending ditty bag to dip into. Even the simple Belive Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms manages a place here, alongside Londonderry Air, My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose and Galway Races. Both artistes [William Jackson and Andrew white] get their own compositions in and occasionally this causes the theme to stray a whit from the overall basic Celtic feel...Smooth, velvety, silky and adjectives of this ilk have to be used here, and for those who like a mix of 'classical' in their 'traditional', Linn are providing well.
Folk On.
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