Celtic Experience vol. 2 - Folk on Issue

01 June 1998
Folk on Issue

Why is it that the Celtic races can produce such a mass of wonderful, haunting, evocative music which seems to fall inside such a well-defined form? Perhaps it's the constraints of religion (or just old-fashioned morality) which precluded most 'Mossy Well' type songs, or was it the constant warring with the English? Perhaps the weather is involved! Whatever the reason, there seems to be an overall poignancy about much of the material; this trait lends itself well to the droning effects of the pipes, and in these modern times the synthesizer.

Those jolly nice Linn people continue a series the appeal of which, if not to the Scottish purist, is at least to the lyrical and romantic amongst the rest of us. William Jackson's first Celtic Experience was a fine piece and the standard is maintained - if not excelled in Volume 2...Here is a very professional collection of material.

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