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International Record Review
'…mesmerizing performances…there is none better!'
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4 Stars
'The excellent SACD sound provides an aura of both intimacy and clarity to the sonatas, and the performances are so well paced and transparently balanced that it is hard to imagine better readings.'
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4 Stars
'Britain's Avison Ensemble has a homogeneous, silvery tone that serves the music well, emphasizing its classic qualities...'
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5 Stars
'reference-quality performances'
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Audiophile Audition
4 Stars
'...musically affectionate, stylistically expert...'
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The Sunday Times
'The illustrious five players of the Avison Ensemble offer shapely readings, phrasing beautifully and making the most of every nuance.'
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The Avison Ensemble - Corelli: Opus 1 & 3 - MusicWeb International

22 May 2014
MusicWeb International
Brian Wilson

Another valuable series of recordings completed in style by the Avison Ensemble and Linn, who now have the complete run of Corelli's works from Op.1 to Op.6. I've used up all my superlatives in praising the performances of Opp.2 and 4 (CKD413) Op.5 (CKD413) and Op.6 (CDKD411), so I need only say that this is just as enjoyable as those other recordings. Don't be put off by the designation sonate da chiesa - church sonatas - this music is no more stuffy than Corelli's sonate da camera and concerti grossi...
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