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International Record Review
'Karen Cargill's voice was made for Gustav's music, and we can now determine that it suits Alma's equally well.'
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Gramophone (High Fidelity)
'This recital of Lieder by Mr & Mrs Mahler sung by Karen Cargill on Linn is a spine-tingling combination of performance and recording quality.'
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'Der Pianist Simon Lepper ist dagegen fantastisch. Sein Klavierspiel ist enorm feinfühlig und er geht das Wagnis ein, surreale Klänge und impressionistische Farben miteinzubringen, was insbesondere den Liedern von Alma Mahler gut tut.'
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BBC Music Magazine
'And Karen Cargill's beautifully integrated, smoky mezzo reveals the full stature of these songs [by Alma], just as Simon Lepper relishes their fearless piano writing.'
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The Observer
4 Stars
'Karen Cargill, warm, instinctive and golden-voiced, and Simon Lepper are responsive partners...'
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Audiophile Audition
4 Stars
'The surround sound is superb, the singing radiant, and the Mahler versus Mahler side-by-side a wonderful programmatic initiative.'
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The Times
'It's expressive, bold music and Cargill sings it eloquently...'
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Karen Cargill - Mahler: Lieder - The Herald Scotland

29 June 2014
The Herald Scotland
Michael Tumelty

Here is something to love and treasure.

In this neck of the woods we are familiar, and terminally smitten, with the ultra-gorgeous voice of mezzo Karen Cargill, particularly through her work with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. She has recorded with them, of course, but now she makes her debut solo recital disc for Linn, with her regular accompanist Simon Lepper. It's all Mahler, Gustav and Alma (and therein lies an extraordinary story for elsewhere). This is one of the most beautiful recordings I have ever heard. Cargill is in sumptuous form, at the top of her game, and never more ravishingly voiced than in these glorious, heart-melting performances of Gustav's Ruckert Lieder (my favourite set of all), the five Wayfarer Songs, Urlicht from the Second Symphony, and five enthralling, revelatory and lovely songs by Alma. There is a halo of intense, luminous beauty around Cargill's voice throughout. It is one of her greatest performances. It will break your heart.

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