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Fernando Sor - William Carter - MusicWeb International (Download Roundup)

11 June 2010
MusicWeb International (Download Roundup)
Brian Wilson

We aren't short of recordings of the guitar music of Sor, including performances from the likes of Andres Segovia, Julian Bream and John Williams, but his early works were under-represented in the catalogue, apart from the Minuets and the Mozart arrangement.  William Carter's new recording changes that - and changes it convincingly, with finger-tip playing, as endorsed by Sor himself, that brings the music to life.  The CD-quality download is good and it comes complete with the booklet - an attractive Goya painting graces the front and Carter's notes are excellent, even waxing poetic at times. The only thing missing is the surround sound of the SACD.  Recordings of Sor's music have a habit of disappearing from the catalogue; the quality of this new recording is such that it certainly deserves to stay.
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