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Girl Talk - The Herald

04 November 2006
The Herald
Keith Bruce
4 Stars

Post-feminism made flesh. The ever-inventive Jungr has recruited sometime associate and the formerly bee-hived Neasden Queen of Soul alongside her labelmate (and neighbour of Wilson) Martin for an ever-so-tongue-in-cheek cruise through some of the least politically correct songs in the popular song repertoire. Bacharach and David's 1960s shockers Wishin' and Hopin' and Wives and Lovers, the rather more ambiguous late-seventies sentiments of Messrs Costello and Jackson (Girls Talk and Different for Girls), showtunes and Motown classics - all are slickly performed in close harmony with fine piano accompaniment from Adrian York. No offence girls, but you have to be old enough to know better to be this damned smart.

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