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5 Stars
"'ll be perfectly happy listening to these collections of dance-like tunes and light-spirited songs...toe-tapping, spirit-uplifting music."
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"...a group whose quick-witted inventiveness and almost supernatural internal rapport never fail to delight, whatever the music."
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The Observer
"...refreshingly different and sprightly set full of energy and humour..."
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Matteis - Held By The Ears - Palladian Ensemble - Yorkshire Evening Press

01 February 2000
Yorkshire Evening Press

The Palladian Ensemble has established a reputation as one of the best chamber groups performing Baroque and here the musicianship here is superb throughout. It's not just the best Nicola Matteis album...Ever. There's a Celtic flavour with popular Scots tunes from the early 1700s and some beautiful folk melodies. If you think all early music sounds the same, give this a listen.
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