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BBC Music Magazine
Well-crafted original numbers that are sung flawlessly, and with slick accompaniments.
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The Musician
The recording quality is pure gold.
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The Guardian
Moule's purring voice - honeyed in sound, subtle in timing and pitch, shrewd in weighting the music with meaning.
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This is a classy and very enjoyable production.
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Sarah Moule - It's a Nice Thought - The Observer

22 August 2002
The Observer

In lyricist Fran Landesman and composer Simon Wallace, Britain has one of the finest songwriting partnerships alive, and Sarah Moule brings their songs to life with wit and understanding. Landesman is the poet laureate of the borderland between urban hipness and emotional insecurity, a territory in which she finds an apparently endless supply of themes. Wallace's melodies not only match the form and mood of the words to perfection - they are actually tunes, which makes a change. These songs can only come fully alive in a jazz setting, provided here by, among others, Jim Mullen, Steve Waterman, Iain Ballamy and Tim Whitehead.
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