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a fine album that manages to combine immediate accessibility with considerable subtlety.
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An album of beguiling variety and telling detail
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Sarah Moule - A Lazy kind of love - The Observer

18 May 2008
The Observer
Dave Gelly

The great American lyricist Fran Landesman has lived quietly in London for decades. No one has ever revealed the panic beneath the brittle smile with more devastating precision. In recent times she has found perfect collaborators in composer-pianist Simon Wallace and singer Sarah Moule, and their joint work accounts for 10 of these 14 tracks.

Delicately arranged and played by a cast of our top jazz musicians (Alan Barnes, Alec Dankworth et al), they show that Fran is still in great form. Add one of the best Atkin-James songs and a few more goodies and you have a little treasure.

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