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Sarah Moule / A lazy kind of love / Vortex newsletter

15 July 2008
Vortex Newsletter
Chris Parker

Although she does occasionally scat and is clearly influenced by 
jazz phrasing, Sarah Moule is best described - as in her publicity 
material - as ‘one of the UK's foremost interpreters of modern song'. 
On this Red Ram album (a previous couple were made for Linn), she 
concentrates her intelligent and subtle vocal powers on material 
written by an extraordinarily fertile songwriting team, pianist Simon 
Wallace and Fran Landesman. Their songs range from the sensuous 
title-track (co-written with Julie Birchill), given an appropriately 
languorous treatment by Moule, through sexily witty blues-based pieces 
(‘Hyde Side Blues', which addresses the Jekyll and Hyde theme from a 
slightly unusual angle) to wry explorations of the emotional balancing 
acts involved in love affairs - all impeccably delivered by Moule, who 
is able to express both straightforward emotion and artily literate 
complexities (‘You're an island of Chekhov in a Disney throng') with 
equal ease and assurance. With the originals tastefully complemented by 
a couple of standards, the Styne/Cahn classic ‘I Fall in Love Too 
Easily' (delicately latinised) and the Bob Dorough/Terrell Kirk Jr 
swinger ‘Devil May Care' (which brings to mind Claire Martin, whom 
Moule slightly resembles in her ability to combine conversational 
informality with discreet artfulness), and the whole flawlessly 
performed by the core band of Wallace himself, bassist Mark 
Hodgson/Alec Dankworth and drummer Paul Robinson - sporadically 
supplemented by guitarist Mike Outram, shakuhachi player Clive Bell, 
saxophonist Alan Barnes and percussionist Paul Clarvis - this is a fine 
album that manages to combine immediate accessibility with considerable 
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