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Strong melodies and neatly honed harmonies, allied to a faultless production job.
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The Herald
Criminally undervalued for many spurious reasons, none of them relating to their musical worth.
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The McCluskey Brothers - Housewives Choice - Get Rhythm Magazine

25 May 2000
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I'll just put things in perspective for you. The McCluskey Brothers were the key members of The Bluebells, writers of that song that won't go away, Young at Heart. Now on their own, The McCluskeys continue in a pop/mature songwriter vein, quality songwriting here and beautifully recorded. Opening with She's Turning a sort of Elvis Costello meets The Blue Nile, the Elvis is in the voice, you're made very aware that this is a duo who write quality material, songsmiths stuff - but he sounds too much like Elvis. Great song nonetheless. Dont Fall Asleep On Me is a piece of retro pop, late 60's style, the sort of thing The Monkees did when on form. I'm not going to get through sixteen tracks am I? From This Moment On is a bit of Beautiful South meets Costello. The guys seem at home on Hamish Henderson's Freedom Come Ye All, sung in the vernacular, which we could have had more of here..I'm beginning to think that this album is some kind of homage to The McCluskey's songwriting heroes as all kinds of influences are brought into the equation...there's a 'dad's record collection' retro direction to the album while the production remains distinctly modern. That said the songs are subtly crafted with strong melodies and lyrics.
That's about it, 16 tracks that cover not only The McCluskey's last two CDs, but includes new material recorded for this release. You can't knock it as they are a talented pair, it's just whether you like what they do.
Top class songwriting and excellent production.
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