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"...four performers with techniques so finely honed that they can communicate carefree abandon as readily as the profoundest passion."
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The Music of Purcell's London - Palladian Ensemble - Gramophone

01 March 1995

The "choice collection" of "music of Purcell's London" is of items such as might have been heard at the concerts of then contemporary music held on the premises of Thomas Britton, the "small coalman", surely one of the most 'unlikely' patrons in the history of music. It is in effect complimentary to the Palladian Ensemble's earlier disc (An Excess of Pleasure, also on Linn records), with another liberal helping of Matteis's various and sometimes agreeably bizarre Ayres and two more of Locke's Broken Consorts, which we find absorbing rather than confusing - as Charles II did...

If you are not already aware of the high quality of the instrumental playing, stylish musicality, imaginative approach and oneness of the Palladian Ensemble, read any review of their previous recordings; this disc provides as good an opportunity as any to find what you have been missing. Youth is at the helm in what amounts to (and sounds like) a joyous discovery. Join them on board.

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