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This is the landing page for the additional content for Barlaam and Josaphat. This project is a fascinating new experience: a multimedia e-book, in French and English, is included alongside the music. It tells the story of Barlaam & Josaphat and leads the listener/reader through one of the most intriguing labyrinths of medieval world. Through a rich and original video, audio and iconographic material, it opens the doors into the artistic creative process which transformed a medieval legend into a music performance.

Those of you who own a copy of the CD will find a unique discount code that will allow you to purchase the English version (choose track 13 or 15) or the French version (track 14 or 16), which is the accompanying e-book for free. Click here to visit the album page and simply add your chosen track to your basket using the 'buy' button. The second step of the checkout process (where you enter your name, email address and payment information) includes a prompt which reads 'Got a code?'. Click this before you enter any card details and you will see a box appear for you to input your discount code. Once you have done so click update and the basket will recalculate the total due. If you do not purchase anything else you will not be asked for any payment details. Just proceed through the checkout as normal.


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Barlaam & Josaphat
About Barlaam and Josaphat

Could you ever imagine that one of the most popular saints in the Christian calendar of the Middle Ages was - Buddha?

After ten years of research in a multitude of libraries worldwide, Katarina Livljanić and the ensemble Dialogos, faithfull to their exploratory and fearless spirit, bring yet another surprise from the less known medieval lands, after its award-winning albums such as  Dalmatica: Chants of the Adriatic  (A395), Lombards & Barbares  (A319), La vision de Tondal  (A329), Judith: A Biblical Story from Renaissance Croatia (Alpha 702).

It is the incredible story of saints Barlaam and Josaphat, a christianized version of Buddha's life, which crossed over at least four religions and was transmitted through almost all the medieval languages. Powerful songs —  incarnated by voice and instruments, sing the legend about the king's son, prince Josaphat, who leaves the noisy world of opulence to search for inner peace  — songs which follow the path of his story from one medieval language to another, from Greek, Latin to Old Croatian, Italian, Church Slavonic…

Katarina Livljanić
E-Book Specs

The Epub format of the e-book is suitable for:

  • iPhone, iPad, Mac - App iBooks
  • Android mobile devices- App Lithium Reader
  • iOS and Windows desktop computers - recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Flash required)

It is also available in an interactive PDF format.