Ensemble Marsyas Is A Recording Of The Year

Ensemble Marsyas's album Edinburgh 1742: Barsanti & Handel has been named one of MusicWeb International's Recordings of the Year! Reviewer Marc Rochester explains why it was one of his favourites:

'I was even more won over – gobsmacked would be a better, if less elegant way of putting it – by a disc of Barsanti and Handel performed by Ensemble Marsyas and the French horn pair of Alec Frank-Gemmill and Joseph Walters. Its title – Edinburgh 1742 - was a trifle questionable, but the enormous insight given by Michael Talbot’s booklet notes into a largely forgotten aspect of British music making of the 18th century was more than worth the cost of the disc. In this instance wonderfully vivid playing of tremendous music was the icing on the cake. Lip-smacking stuff!'

You can view the complete list here.


Edinburgh 1742