Hello ALAC, goodbye WMA

When we offered our popular Digital Music Collections in ALAC last year for the first time we got a rave response from our customers. 

ALAC is the format of choice for many users (especially Mac users) as it is instantly playable in many music players such as iTunes and Songbird.  ALAC also has one other advantage - embedded artwork - something Linn DS users will be very happy about as DS users will now automatically be able to view album artwork and all tagging is already done!

And for the first time, Studio Master 192 kHz downloads will be offered in two formats: FLAC and ALAC.

If you are a dedicated WMA user then do not worry.  ALAC and FLAC are both open formats which means you can convert them to WMA.  There are a number of free applications available to convert the files, Foobar2000 for example.  (Foobar2000 also has a plug-in which can be used as an alternative to Linn's Kinsky to control a DS.)

The addition of ALAC will replace the previous offering of WMA and FLAC formats will still be available. All forthcoming releases will be available in this format immediately with catalogue releases becoming available over the coming months.