Interview With Phantasm's Laurence Dreyfus

Presto Classical's David Smith talks to Phantasm's director Laurence Dreyfus about his new album J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Consort – I.

David's preface to the interview states:

"Phantasm have an enviable reputation as one of the leading exponents of viol music, focusing largely on the enormous wealth of polyphonic chamber works written for viol consorts by composers from England where this style flourished. Previous albums of consort music by Lawes, Locke, Tye and others have won critical acclaim, and they're also regular collaborators with cathedral choirs seeking to reproduce authentic performances of verse-anthems by Gibbons, Tomkins and others. 

Their latest album sees them explore arrangements of keyboard works by Bach - an approach which on the face of it seems almost as anachronistic as playing Beethoven on the harpsichord but, as director Laurence Dreyfus explains, turns out to offer an illuminating perspective on the intricate part-writing, and to present the well-known Well-Tempered Clavier in a wholly new light."

Read the full interview here.