SCO's Mozart enters the UK Specialist Chart

The latest Mozart recording from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Wind Soloists has entered the UK Specialist Chart at #11 after its first week of release. Already flying high with a Gramophone 'Choice' accolade the recording has also received some fantastic reviews:

'The SCO wind soloists play the rare original scoring for six players - darker in timbre and sparer in texture - with brio.'
The Sunday Times

'The SCO Wind Soloists combine superb stylishness, period-performance sensibilities and abundant character in performances that are a joy from start to finish.' Europadisc

'Buy the disc, and prepare to be charmed, amazed and delighted!' McAlister Matheson Music

'These performances pick up on every morsel of wit and ingenuity in the wind writing, and never forget that the purpose of this music was to entertain.' The Guardian

'It's playing and music that exudes elegance, sparkles with joy and chuckles with good humour in a well-balanced recording.'
BBC Radio 3 ‘CD Review'

Choice: 'I fancy Mozart would have smiled in approval.' Gramophone