A Bach Notebook for Trumpet

A Bach Notebook for Trumpet

A Bach Notebook for Trumpet
CKD 418
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Jonathan Freeman-Attwood's A Bach Notebook for Trumpet is a celebration of the music of the famous Johann Sebastian and ten other lesser-known Bachs, re-imagined for the combination of trumpet and piano.

Bach specialist Daniel-Ben Pienaar has arranged music from a great uncle, close cousins, distant cousins, and five sons, all related to the great J. S. Bach in a wholly unique recital programme.

Aesthetic passions drive the repertoire and performance choices as the duo explore vocabularies not usually associated with trumpet and piano chamber music: brushing up against ‘period' gesture, ornamentation and articulation, whilst also co-referencing less fashionable inspirations from the past, including those judged ‘romantic' in coloration, whether in the use of the pedal, rubati or articulation.

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood's is an established authority on Bach interpretation, particularly as it challenges and refocuses historical perspectives on ‘performance practices' and how recordings of the past can influence current priorities and tastes.

Sheet music for tracks on this album are available from Resonata Music here