Carmina Celtica

Carmina Celtica

Carmina Celtica
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World-premiere recordings of medieval and contemporary spritual songs including James MacMillan Os mutorum and John Tavener Two Hadiths.

Carmina Celtica features the world premiere of nine contemporary works commissioned over a decade by Canty, Scotland’s own Anonymous 4. The Ensemble blend contemporary works by Sir John Tavener and James MacMillan alongside haunting Medieval chant to create the unique and beautiful soundworld for which it is renowned. Described by The Times as "among the very best creative talents of his generation", Sir John Tavener wrote Two Hadiths specially for Canty in 2007. Two Hadiths explores the sitar-like sonorities of the bray harp in meditative settings of the poetic sayings of the Prophet Mohammed.

James MacMillan is the pre-eminent Scottish composer of his generation. Commissioned for Canty in 2008, Os mutorum is both moving and expressive. Ivan Moody has set the words of Hildegard of Bingen in his contribution O quam mirabilis. The Telegraph calls his music "powerfully expressive” and this 2006 work showcases the emotive power of female choral singing.

Michael McGlynn, in addition to directing successful Irish choir Anúna, is a "most accomplished contemporary choral composer” (All Music Guide). He describes Lorica as accentuating "the sonic purity of Canty and harkens back to an age of delicate vocal timbre and set, but fluid musical constraints".