Gourmet Jazz

Gourmet Jazz

Gourmet Jazz
AKD 268
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Gourmet Jazz features music from Linn's extensive Jazz music catalogue encompassing the finest UK talent including mood-setting vocalists and exciting instrumentalists. 

Gourmet Jazz is a fantastic compilation album which draws from Linn's considerable back catalogue of jazz recordings. Spanning three decades, the disc includes material – both rare and familiar – from some of the very finest talents in jazz music. Once the opening track sets the scene, you’ll be led into a flavoursome blend of up-tempo classic favourites, mood-setting soundscapes, soulful singing and wonderful musicianship performed by great vocalists and sizzling instrumentalists.

Tracks are taken from the following albums: New Folk Songs, Something's Gotta Give, Stability, Secret Love, Gypsy, Drawn To All Things, Hullabloo, I'll Take Romance, Jazz Not Jazz, Tommy Smith Box Set, The Full Flavour, In Perpetuity, When Lights Are Low, Reunion and Every Grain of Sand.