Something There

Something There

Something There
CKD 179
  • Wondering About the Rose
    Composer(s) David Paul Jones

    Wondering About the Rose

  • Contemplating a River
    Composer(s) David Paul Jones

    Contemplating a River

  • The Sun Comes and Goes in the Land of Woop-Woop
    Composer(s) David Paul Jones

    The Sun Comes and Goes in the Land of Woop-Woop

  • Love: That Smiling Fugitive
    Composer(s) David Paul Jones

    Love: That Smiling Fugitive

  • An Introduction to the Art of Flying
    Composer(s) David Paul Jones

    An Introduction to the Art of Flying


Total running time: 72 minutes.

Album information

A fragile, beautiful and romantic debut album from composer and pianist David Paul Jones.

Mystery and fantasy are at the heart of Something There. The lyrics form a narrative contemplating the wonder and uncertainty of love and life, the sorrow of loss and the ungraspable nature of creation; the lyrics shift between a kind of ‘sound-poetry’ and actual words, where meaning is at times ambiguous but always driven by an underlying sense of wonderment. 

Something There is divided into 5 extended songs which more or less run continuously. The orchestration is founded almost entirely on the piano tremolo which ripples and reverberates throughout intertwined with Neil Sommerville's sparse yet unforgettable presence on percussion. The melodic aspects are shared between Carolyn Murray-Hamilton’s sensationally rich powerful vocals and my somewhat more distant vocals together with Steve Kettley’s soaring soprano saxophone. A constant harmonic depth is provided by Donnie Gillan, Lucy Borthwick and Robin Mason on cello and Carole Melrose on bass. 

An early version of Something There was commissioned by Cryptic Productions, Glasgow as part of an arts festival based on the work of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett in Autumn 2000; the title is taken from Beckett’s poem 'Something There' (1974). David Paul Jones later developed the original orchestrations throughout 2001 adding vocals and it is this revised version which is recorded here.