Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give
AKD 239
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    Sarah Moule follows up her successful debut album It's a Nice Thought with another collaborative disc featuring the music of Johnny Mercer and Fran Landesman / Simon Wallace.

    In the past few years singer Sarah Moule has established a rapidly growing reputation as one of Britain's most exciting new jazz talents. Her highly acclaimed debut album It's A Nice Thought showed that in lyricist Fran Landesman and composer Simon Wallace ("one of the finest song-writing partnerships alive" The Observer) she has found a source of contemporary, literate and often funny songs which are ruthlessly honest about human foibles, strengths and frailties, and which lend themselves to Moule's emotionally direct vocal style.

    Something's Gotta Give marries a collection of new Landesman/Wallace material with classic songs by one of the greatest of the American Songbook lyricists, Johnny Mercer. Mercer and Landesman first met in the late 1950s when Landesman and composer TommyWolf were enjoying great success with songs such as 'Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most' and 'The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men'. Mercer was a great admirer of Landesman's work while she in turn had grown up listening to his songs and absorbing his techniques of incorporating everyday colloquial phrases into song lyrics.