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There are few better ways to end your Record Store Day than at a gig and Stereo was home to the Glasgow album launch of singer-songwriter Amy Duncan on Saturday evening for an acoustic affair.

Taking the stage just after 9pm and joined by Fiona Rutherford on harp and Lawrie MacMillan on bass, Amy Duncan begins a set that will bring the crowd to a complete stop where you could hear a pin drop and shows a talent that has a full range and power.
The set starts off slow, with songs performed in a way that whilst showing the promise of the act display a little need for nurturing to take full advantage of the talent on stage. By the third song of the set, the title track from her new album Cycles of Life, things take a turn for the better as the songs begin to come alive, through the layering of the music and the strong vocal talents of Duncan. The set goes from strength to strength, with a highlight being 'Song to Myself', also from the new album and choosing to end on a newer song with a completely solo performance is a very bold choice, that proves to go down very well.

There are many choices on a Saturday night in Glasgow but those who chose to come to Stereo were greeted with a beautiful performance by Amy Duncan. The live performance showed off her incredible vocal talent, as well the ability to craft songs with great structure and melodies and left you wanting more by the end.

22 April 2013