Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance - Accident and Insurgency - BBC Music Magazine

Arnie Somogyi is a veteran jazz man - but he doesn't sound like one. He is always reinventing himself. Ambulance is his current project as bandleader and on this disc features the equally Mephistophelean US horn player Eddie Henderson, as well as four rising British stars.

Somogyi says they set out to make a "band" record. A & E was worked out democratically and then each player given the latitude to do his own thing within the arrangements. The result is a dynamic set that's full of surprises, tumbling chord and tempo changes, atmospheric effects and quicksilver improvised solo runs. Captain Courageous starts out like a classic soul jazz swinger but restlessly alters direction. The ballads, such as Adrift are captivating.

BBC Music Magazine
15 January 2008