Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance - Accident and Insurgency - George FM

For me music needs to engage and challenge me. That's probably why jazz is the music of my choice - all other genre's fail to challenge. The best jazz has me shaking my head in wonder and makes me smile, or if I am really lucky it makes me laugh out loud. There are many times when listening to this new CD by UK bass player Arnie Somogyi that I smile, there are a few times when I laugh out loud. It is delightful, challenging music and brand new too, proving that there are still new ways to assemble those 12 notes into new sounds and structures. Somogyi employs 4 other young UK musicians on drums, keys and horns and as a bonus we get U.S. jazz legend Eddie Henderson into the bargain. Music production and mastering are exceptional too coming from one of the world leaders in sound reproduction equipment, Linn Records.

27 December 2007