Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance - Accident and Insurgency -

Arnie Somogyi's group named Ambulance (line-up) first appeared in 2005 at Ronnie Scott's jazz club.  The five excellent young jazz musicians, used to improvising in similar styles, aimed here to produce a disc that would reflect their common ideas.  The world famous American trumpeter Eddie Henderson, with whom they had appeared on several previous occasions, was invited to join them for the recording.  The open musicality of Henderson, of more mature years than the rest of the ensemble, has a positive effect on the playing of the band.  The greatest part of the material (about 45 minutes) was recorded in one live take of excellent quality.  It should be mentioned that Arnie Somogyi, who is of Hungarian parentage but was born in England, did much to promote contacts between Hungarian and British jazz musicians at the 2002 London Hungary Jazz Festival, and by setting up the band Improvokation which consists of 10 British/Hungarian musicians.
07 January 2008