The Avison Ensemble - Corelli: Opus 6 - Musique pour tous

The magnificent 12 Concertos Opus 6 Grossos Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) are a reference and a model of baroque music. They were published at the editor Rogers Amsterdam in 1714 after the composer's death, but few have been played probably about 1680, as evidenced by the composer Georg Muffat.

Corelli used a "concertino" consists of two violins and a cello, and as "ripieno" two parts of violin, viola and bass. The first eight are known concertos church, while the last four concertos are chamber.

The beauty of his melodies, the perfection of its form and its simple structure, ensured that cycle a worldwide reputation, and contributed to the rise of Italian baroque in all European countries.

Great interpretation of all Avison superbly saved by home Linn, If you like baroque music, not to be missed this novelty will please you.

17 November 2012