Barb Jungr - Love Me Tender -

Barb Jungr is a new artist for me and though uncertain what to expect, I listened with an open mind and an open heart. And was I delightfully surprised. The recording quality is excellent and the performance is mesmerizing; both qualities necessary for any serious appreciation. But, this disc is also very dark in mood. She sings Presley's works from the deep, dark, hidden shadows of her heart and the songs take on an eerie and macabre quality that's quite enthralling in a spooky way. The musicians incorporate minor keys in the harmony and arrangements and her melancholy and mournful tone render nearly the whole disc into a reluctant,
nostalgic, and painful memory. 'Long Black Limousine' is a stand out track that will send shivers down your spine! But, she does not leave you in the depths of despair. The last Track, 'Peace in the Valley' is a beautiful and uplifting choir piece that is quite transcendent. It can be a little overpowering in atmospherics at times. But on the whole, it's quite a ride from start to finish; one well worth taking.

11 November 2012