Barb Jungr - Man in the Long Black Coat - Cabaret Confessions

Barb Jungr's new album Man in the Long Black Coat , which was launched yesterday on the 25th at the Purcell Room in London and will be officially released from Linn Records on the 30th of May.

The album, which is available for order and download here by Linn Records, has already garnered rave reviews, and it's easy to see why.

Man in the Long Black Coat celebrates his 70th birthday and pays tribute to the legendary Bob Dylan, who Barb Jungr says has "an innate understanding of humanity in panoramic vision and the ability to write that into lyrical thoughts bound to music in such a way that it almost becomes incantation". She then gives each song an original, daring treatment with her signature style - minimalist approach with passion that alternates between quiet and fierce with empathy that she's so well-known for.

It features previously released 11 songs and four newly recorded tracks. The tones range from sombre to whimsical and dramatic to poignant, but they all showcase the depth of Dylan's music and lyrics and Barb Jungr's superb interpretations that deliver every song's story in the most unexpected ways.

The opening number, which is also a title song "Man in the Long Black Coat" begins with haunting tolling bell oozes melancholy and heartbreak. "Just Like a Woman" has a jaunty, playful tone and I could almost see her singing it with a wide grin. The gut-rendering "Tomorrow is a Long Time" and "Sara" reminds me of that aching longing with each word. Barb Jungr's texutured voice captures and adds nuances to the lyrics.

This collection of songs paints a real emotional landscape with not one single wasted note. Man in the Long Black Coat gets deeper, richer and more layered with every listen. It's another triumph from Barb Jungr, as she gives Dylan's songs the respect they deserve and takes them even further.

Cabaret Confessional