Baroque Lute - Nigel North - Classical Guitar

The ever-creative Nigel North is nothing if not enterprising. Here are some old favourites (Weiss) with a corsucating Vivaldi arrangement and a version of that Chaconne transcribed for Baroque lute. as if that were not enough, north does some startling things - as in the famous Tombeau, where he indulges in some ferocious string-bending. Incredibly it does not jar. I now find it quite hard to remember that there are other ways of doing it.

There are very few lutenists more compelling than Nigel North. His latest recording is full of insights, always delivered in that calm, almost deliberate way of his, with a lustrous tone of great beauty. The Chaconne is memorable: fluent, confident, unusually assertive on this least assertive of instruments, and as eloquent as anyone could wish.

Classical Guitar
01 February 1992