Beethoven Piano Concertos 3, 4 & 5 - Musical Pointers

This must be one of the very best, but we don't indulge in comparative reviews and stars.

It evinces happy cooperation between all concerned, with our leading octogenarian conductor and a great pianist who has proved himself through winning the Leeds competition long ago, and by important Beethoven sonata recordings as well as much else - especially for us, Blackheath's fondly remembered pianoworks festivals 10 years ago. The great Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Linn names its every member in the liner notes), a fine Bluthner piano (which makes a huge difference) and a class technical team working in a perfect recording venue at Perth complete the recipe...

This twofer offers musical and sonic pleasures to surpass most live concerto performance experiences, and for connoisseurs the interpretations are full of delightful details best enjoyed at home.

I have been pleased to confirm that Pizarro's double disc is being sold two-for-one at top price, £13. That seems fair, and purchasers should not look for cheaper Beethoven concerto sets, of which there are doubtless plenty...

Musical Pointers
14 April 2009