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For this 2018 release from Ricercar, the Chœur de Chambre de Namur, Cappella Mediterranea, and Doulce Mémoire present a three-CD box set of the vocal and choral works of Franco-Flemish composer Jacques Arcadelt. One of the most admired and influential composers of the Renaissance, Arcadelt wrote over 200 secular madrigals, more than 125 chansons in the French and Italian styles, and 24 sacred motets that contributed to the development of 16th century counterpoint that has long been regarded as an ideal. Yet Arcadelt is somewhat overshadowed by more celebrated figures of the Renaissance, situated between Josquin des Prez on the one hand and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina on the other, and as a result, his surprisingly original works are unknown to most listeners. Approaching Arcadelt from this position may be a little baffling, because his most popular "hit," the Ave Maria, which was based on his madrigal Nous voyons que les hommes, is represented here by the 1842 arrangement for a cappella choir by Pierre-Louis Dietsch and the 1865 organ arrangement by Franz Liszt. Apart from this attribution, Arcadelt's music is fascinating to explore in this package, which offers a satisfying program of his works in three broad categories and reduces the potential for confusion. Highly recommended.

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17 September 2018