Claire Martin - Perfect Alibi - The Sunday Times

Jazz-lovers tend to grow very possessive about Claire Martine. And who can blame them, since she is one of the few world-class singers this country had produced. Just as she has always had an eye for the rarer jazz standard. Martin has always enjoyed crossing the tracks into the mainstream. Noel Gallagher dropped by with his guitar on last year's Take My Heart, and Martin continues in husky pop vein here. She was an early champion of that cult voice, the late Eva Cassidy, so it would be only fair if someone of the listeners who caught up with Cassidy via the Radio 2 playlist should now give Martin a turn. Highlights range from Phoebe  Snow's Inspired Insanity to the melancholia of Shadowville, from the new songwriter Dede Madden. Martin's nonconformist impulses also deliver a memorably off-beat rendition of Hendrix's Up From The Skies

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