Claire Martin - Time & Place - In Tune

Claire Martin is assisted here by the Montpellier Cello Quartet. Their semi-classical instrumental assist offers something of a lustrous new most effective luscious sound for Claire. It's very similar to the serious non-foolery imposing 1956 Sinatra/Riddle "Close To You" session of the Hollywood String Quartet led by Felix Slatkin. As was then, there's no brass to be found. It's really another way to really hear the lyrics and the singer up close. Like all of Ms. Martin's cds, her eleven-song program here really satisfies. "My Ship" (Weill/Gershwin) from Broadway's 1941 "Lady In The Dark" never fails to amaze and thrill. Here in the hands of Ms. Martin it's given a superb sobering treatment as only she can deliver. "Round Midnight" (Monk/Hanighen) is musically mysterious with Claire's painfully emotional singing. It's certainly about time that this standard was given another impressive version like this one. "My Man's Gone Now" (Gershwin/Heyward) is from the 1935 Broadway opera "Porgy And Bess". She unfailingly captures the agonizing mood of this song and most of the resounding score. On a very conscious level this team of singer and quartet really hits it home.   

In Tune
01 October 2015