Claire Martin - Too Darn Hot! - Audio & Video Lifestyle Australia

This new Hybrid Super Audio CD release will play in your current CD player with an added bonus of HDCD encoding on the CD layer of the disc. The sound quality on both the Super Audio CD layer and the HDCD layer is absolutely superb.

Those killer looks of this incredible jazz artist Claire Martin are bound to attract some attention - but her voice! In the ranks of current female jazz artists she certainly rates as one of the very best. Her delightful tuneful and easy flowing vocals seem to enrich every note.

The popular track Raining In My Heart is a stunning example of Claire's jazz vocal styles, and the track Black Coffee is another jaw dropper that is bound to stir your emotions. It has exceptionally deep and well extended bass while Claire's superb vocals want for nothing. This album is one classy jazz vocal release that will be hard to beat.

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30 April 2002