Claire Martin - Too Darn Hot! - LP: Magazine for Analogue Hi-Fi and Vinyl Culture

modern and timeless jazz classics from Bernstein to Cole Porter can still sound today. As far as her voice is concerned, Claire Martin tends in the direction of Ella, squeaky clean and hitting every note, and on Something's Coming her voice projects a dazzling freshness and youthfulness, which beguiles. When Miss Martin gets going with The Gentleman Is a Dope, there is no need for any other drugs! Her strikingly good lineup is ever present: be it the trio or the quartet lineup or even the string quartet, especially the background musicians are fantastic technically and are allowed to demonstrate that in incisive solos. With an extra helping of charm and charisma, It's Raining in My Heart presents itself unusually seductive over a soft string backing. Suddenly a dark timbre note insinuates itself into her voice, which streams from the speakers in a silky, not to say erotic, manner. The singer demonstrates the adaptability of a chameleon from one number to the next, which you would not expect from listening to the first piece. My highlight: the title song Too Darn Hot. A genius bass pizzicato, a lascivious Claire Martin, then the hammond organ kicking in -- fantastic! A few singers would do well to take a leaf out of her book -- the necessary maturity is indispensible for such a number. The cooperation between Linn and Martin has been lasting for 15 years now. And the success of this is evident not only from her numerous awards for best singer at the British Jazz Awards but also from a total of eleven records. Once again, Linn sets the bar with this release: background noise and cracks were yesterday, today is all about a distraction-free listening experience. Claire Martin: sweet temptation or just simply hot?
Too Darn Hot -- devilishly hot!

LP: Magazine for Analogue Hi-Fi and Vinyl Culture
30 April 2002