Concerto Caledonia - Oswald: Colin's Kisses - The Observer - Review

James Oswald is one of the most important figures in the history of Scottish music and his legacy is celebrated on Colin's Kisses: The Music of james Oswald, by Scottish early music group Concerto Caledonia.

The 18th century composer - who was a great hit in London and became chamber composer to George III - was a great gatherer of traditional Scottish folk who formed the basis for much of his own compositions.

As the superb Colin's kisses reveals Oswald's gift was lyrical rather than dynamic, and although his works were on a small scale they were beautifully formed.

What he lacked in grandeur he made up for in ambition - his 96 Airs for the Season, featuring 12 pieces for each season, ran to two sets, with each named after a flower or shrub, none of which were repeated.


The Observer - Review
01 August 1999