Corinne Morris & SCO - Chrysalis - Independent IE

Corinne was a promising player whose talent propelled her to international prominence. And then, like the star forward whose hamstring becomes the principal issue, she fell victim to injury. Yes, musicians suffer, too. Corinne had asked too much of her body. Her shoulder could take no more. You can just imagine how awful that must have been. Surgery was suggested. She wouldn't have been the first to dismiss such drastic intervention. Five years of inactivity followed. In the depths of despair, she sought another way out. As she puts it herself, she stumbled upon sports medicine. She found a therapist, she got treatment. And after 18 months, she was able to play properly again. Still, it was no easy route back. But determination and a dedicated fundraising programme secured a recording session with the Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra, themselves hardly in the front line of names to note. Together they could get themselves noticed. The CD that resulted - The Macedonian Sessions - has led to another. Chrysalis - how appropriate - featuring cello music by Haydn, and two lesser-known, but well worth hearing composers for the instrument, François Couperin and Georg Monn, was released last October. I think it's brilliant.

Independent IE
04 February 2018