Dunedin Consort - J.S. Bach: Six Brandenburg Concertos - Hi-Fi News

The two hunting horns played by Anneke Scott and Joseph Walters make a glorious noise at the start of Concerto 1 and their duo in 1(v). 6m 25s-7m 27s. is as clean as a whisker. Similarily, 4(III) seemingly holds no terrors for trumpeter David Blackadder. (John Butt says in his comprehensive booklet note that their A'392Hz pitch helps.) With one player per part this is one of the most stimulating sets of the Brandenburgs we have had; 3(III) - introduced by an improvisatory violin passage - is lightening fast and the famous harpsichord cadenza in 5(I) is truly exciting (the more so as engineer Philip Hobbs maintains the continuo perspective balance)...

Hi-Fi News
01 December 2013