Ensemble Marsyas - Fasch - BBC Radio 3 'CD Review'

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Let's drop in on one of Scotland's most successful labels Linn Records to hear what the Edinburgh based Ensemble Marysas has been up to in the studio. They're exploring wind chamber music and concertos by Johann Friedrich Fasch...if you're wondering what makes his chamber music for winds and continuoso so attractive to the Marysas' artist director, bassoonist Peter Whelan, you're about to find out.

Quartet in D minor

The last two movements of the Quartet in D minor by Johann Friedrich Fasch, showcasing the bassoon in such a way that it suggests that Fasch must have had a particular player in mind for these virtuosic lines. Meet and drink to Ensemble Marsyas' bassoonist Peter Whelan who makes excellent work of Fasch's C major Bassoon Concerto as well. And Pamela Thorby's playing in the Recorder Concerto and Quartet here, are also powerful reasons to want to hear the recording. Fasch may seem to be a footnote in Baroque musical history, but this delightful wind chamber music allows us to hear for ourselves why his music crops up in quite a few famous libraries. And this is Ensemble Marysas' second album for Linn Records.

BBC Radio 3 'CD Review'
12 July 2014