Ensemble Marsyas - Zelenka Sonatas - Positive Feedback Online

You have probably never heard of the composer Jan Zelenka though he should have become a bit more visible than now. He was into sacred music for the church and three mass settings had been finished though his desire to compose a large scale project with a cycle of six masses was never completed. This rather new ensemble did not list a director and of course from time to time there had to be someone doing that job and so I nominate Monica Huggert because she has had experience in similar situations.
Her instrument, the baroque violin has a more mellow tone partly because of its gut strings. This release is a bit of a real gem with a particularly naturally sounding three dimensional quality much of the time plus a great amount of realistic detail. The realism and dimensionality with this fine Linn release should not be missed. It is also delightful music featuring a pair of oboes, single bassoon, harpsichord or organ and either theorbo or the violone for the bass, yes instruments from the past. This is a highly recommended release. 

Positive Feedback Online
22 May 2014