Erlebach - Richter - Early Music Review

This is an excellent recording of some truly delightful music. I have long been trying to interest people in Erlebach's output (chamber music, 'orchestral' suites and cantatas alike) and although individual pieces have made it into the catalogue before, this is only the third disc I know of that is dedicated solely to Erlebach and the very first to feature a complete set of any substance. Rodolfo Richter is, without doubt, an excellent advocate of Erlebach's lyrical style, but I wonder why only he is named on the cover - couldn't he and his colleagues have come up with a name for their group? I wonder also why the sonatas aren't played in the printed order - can't we all re-programme our machines if we're offended by the composer's chosen key sequence? These small reservations aside, these are marvellously enjoyable performances and this is a recording which I hope finally will catch performers' attentions: next year will be the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth and it would be lovely if someone somewhere would mount a celebration.

Early Music Review
01 March 2006