Finzi - James Gilchrist - Gramophone

This is the third encounter with Finzi in recent months. This recital, of three sets of songs, is well in tune with his spirit, the singer freshly living out the poem in his imagination, the pianist sensitive to the thought and development of mood behind, or within, the written notes. Anna Tilbrook has the touch for Finzi (I would like to hear her play the Eclogue): melody and rhythm are clearly articulated but not promoted or insisted upon beyond the modest pleasure of the player (and composer). James Gilchrist's singing is at one with this approach. It is good to hear the voice gain resonance and make the comparatively rare forte carry more in the way of release than a more habitually robust manner would do. His clarity and precision are warmed by a rare sweetness of tone, and the ‘lie' of these songs appears to suit him to perfection.

01 July 2005