Finzi - James Gilchrist - (live)

The English tenor, James Gilchrist, who has switched from medicine to music, has built a versatile career as a tenor soloist. Anna Tilbrook is a distinguished opera repetiteur and vocal coach, and her partnership with Gilchrist demonstrated thorough preparation and perfect rapport. Gilchrist has an individual, slightly grainy tenor, and a way of conveying the full value of his texts, and Tilbrook maintains a steady pulse and colours her accompaniments, voicing the chords to bring out the piquancy of these composers' harmonies. The programme of English song, an underrated quarry, was given with generous applause after each of the three groups. Gilchrist made pertinent comments in an easy conversational way and the posthumous Finzi selection whetted the appetite for this splendid duo's Finzi recital, soon to be released by Linn. A completely satisfying Sunday morning recital.
01 May 2005