Fiona Mackenzie - Elevate -

A fabulous and uplifting debut solo from Scottish singer/songwriter Fiona MacKenzie. The album spans traditonal and contemporary genres which demostrate her mass of influences, from Hungarian folk to Nick Cave as well as Scottish and Gaelic traditions. What makes this album stand out is Fiona's wonderful voice and the whole depth and sentiment that she projects in her music. This is a very beautiful album.

Produced by The Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm, traditional acoustic instruments and electronic elements blend to create a forward-thinking music that remains rooted in heritage. Mackenzie's emotive self-penned lyrics paint a picture and the sound at times is hauntingly Celtic.

All the tracks on the album are Fiona's own compositions (music and lyrics) except the lyrics in the three Gaelic tracks; two of these use lyrics by her sister, Eilidh Mackenzie, while An Roghainn is a poem by Sorley Maclean.

28 August 2008