Garden of Early Delights - Pamela Thorby & Andrew Lawrence-King - Politiken (translated)

Two experts in early baroque music, namely the recorder player Pamela Thorby and the harpist Andrew Lawrence-King, have with their combined mutual power, have committed a beautiful bouquet of renaissance and early baroque music with composers such as Dowland and van Eyck on the list - all under the so rightly poetic title "Garden of Early Delights". And there are so many delights to find in this garden.

Pamela Thorby plays, so the birds sort of don't need to sing, and is already like this from Diego Ortiz' introductory 'Recercada segunda de tenore': full of desire, willingness and surrendering while Andrew Lawrence-King complements the songful recorder player with a crisp bass on both harp and psaltery.

Then, the whole shop (or garden) on top of everything else so extraordinarily delicious that you get the feeling that Thorby's recorder actually is a bird that is flying to and fro around your ears.

The only minus is that there's only one bird in the garden; it's possible after a bit you may want a bit more variation in the sound picture. However I fully recommend a journey into Thorby's and Lawrence-King's garden: Go in, close your eyes and let your ears open out: It is refreshingly chirpy, and it is good to listen to at all hours.

Politiken (translated)
08 July 2008