Gerard Presencer - Platypus - Evening Standard

Presencer, a former child prodigy with a bright sound and agile technique, works with groups led by Claire martin and pianist Stan Tracey. Platypus is his own band and on Monday he takes them into Ronnie Scott's as his debut as a leader. 

Presencer, with much less technology and far fewer musicians at his disposal - just Jason Rebello (keys), Andy Cleyndert (bass), and Jeremy Stacey (drums) - has to keep things even simpler, and despite intriguing titles like 'Married Women' and 'Crimplene Lover' there is a certain sameyness about the material his new group plays. The radical innovation is its rhythmic concept - funky, but smooth, not stiff. Until The Brand New Heavies, Courtney Pine etc, few British jazz groups (Morrissey-Mullen excepted) sounded relaxed and convincing with a funk beat. Platypus, which Presencer says he formed 'just to play music I like', can now be added to that list. 

Evening Standard
17 September 1998