Giuseppe Tartini - Palladians - OpusHD (translation)

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770), born in Piran, was a violinist, composer and renowned teacher. "One of the greatest violinists of the 18th century", according to the baroque music guide. But Tartini was also an artisan of a new virtuosity applied most notably to the sonata and the concerto for violin. For, the violin was Tartini's real specialty, and having heard him in Venice, Francesco Maria Veracini was decisive for the musician, who was finding his way at that time. The program proposed by the Ensemble Palladian, or Palladians, comprising Rodolfo Richter on the violin, Susanne Heinrich on the viola de gamba, Silas Standage on the keyboard, and William Carter on the lute and baroque guitar, allows us to hear Tartini's Sonata Op.1 N°4 "The Devil's Trill", the Sonata Op.1 N°10 "Dido Abandoned", and the largo from the Sonata Op.1 N°5 as well as the Sonata Op.1 N°13. Veracini is also represented by his Sonata Op.1 N°7, in five movements. First and foremost, let it be said that the reading Rodolfo Richter and his acolytes here offer is absolutely enchanting. All is ideally balanced, instilling just the right natural respiration. In a pure DSD recording reinforcing the tonal quality, the musical discourse, not merely expressive and filled with playing more lively than flamboyant, is captivating. This is a small miracle in baroque music not to be neglected.

OpusHD (translation)
06 January 2009